Things To Do In The Village

16th January 2023

Rosedale Abbey nestles in deep in a valley of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Some of our guests think that this means that you will need to drive everywhere by car to visit any attraction. In fact, there are plenty of things to do within Rosedale Abbey village iteslf, so if you’ve travelled some distance to be with us and wish to take a day or two away from driving on your break, here are four great ideas that you won’t need any transportation other than footwear to enjoy.

Gillies Jones Blown Glass Studio

Owned and run by the partnership of Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones, the two have been creating beautiful blown glass for more than twenty years from their glass workshop and studio in Rosedale Abbey. Using traditional glass blowing methods, they create some stunning pieces of glass work that have received worldwide recognition with some on display at museums and art galleries including the UK, USA and Switzerland.

The beautiful glassware of Gillies Jones

They are open from March until December, then other times by appointment where you can see traditional glass making techniques in action and get first hand experience of techniques dating back many centuries.

Their workshops are just a few hundred metres from The Old Post Office and we recommend you take a walk along there.

Rosedale Abbey Golf Course

For such a small village, it’s quite remarkable that we actually have our own golf course! The nine hole golf course in Rosedale Abbey needs no membership fees and has a simple Pay and Play philosophy. In general, no booking is required and if you’ve left your clubs behind, the course offers club and buggy hire too. With distances from 70 yards to 120 yards there’s something for everyone. Non golfers are welcome to walk along or simply relax with a cold drink by the clubhouse.

Take a Walk

One of the great things about being situated in the shelter of a valley in North Yorkshire is that there are plenty of places to take in a walk. You could take one of the many walks that start and end in the village or simply stroll around the village, after all there are several great pubs to sample.

For those wishing to work up more of an appetite, there are several well known walks of an easy nature that most people can undertake. One of the most popular is from Rosedale Abbey to Northdale Rigg, offering some simple gradients and also some spectacular views across the valley. A complete guide to the walk can be found at this excellent resource.

A shorter walk that gives a great introduction to the views across the Moors and back to Rosedale is the Mineral Railway walk.

This starts from Chimney Bank and is mostly hard compacted surface. The route follows the path of the old ironworks railway and is an easy climb, before returning back to the village.

The North Yorkshire Moors website has some great links to other walks around Rosedale. But the best thing about being in the heart of a valley is that you know that whatever walk you choose, the last part will always be downhill!

Eat Cake…

When in doubt, eat cake. It’s a motto that serves us well and with two tea shops in the village, you won’t go too far wrong by following it.

Just a few steps from our doorway is the Abbey Tea Room, which also doubles as the village store. If you’re stuck for supplies, it’s very close by. The store is open every day except Wednesday, while the tea room is a little more seasonal.

Just across the green is Graze on The Green, the Rosedale coffee shop. Both tea rooms offer a variety of menus, with everything from traditional tea, fresh ground coffee, cakes (of course), all the way to full meals including a traditional Full English Breakfast.

Rosedale offers a good selection of pubs too and aftwr all, you’re here to relax, so you might like to read about the pubs in Rosedale in our guide here.