Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall is a beautiful manor house now owned by the National Trust. It was built in the 16th Century and was a private residence for much of it’s life. In 1920 it was inherited by Margaret Fife. She and her husband, Colonel Fife, embarked on a major renovation programme.

Today, it is preserved by The National trust in the style of her renovations. Like many very old buildings of it’s type, as architectural styles changed, the buildings altered by successive residents. Many old Yorkshire manor homes fell into disrepair, but this one was luckily preserved across the centuries.

While not on the scale of Castle Howard and perhaps with not quite as much for youngsters to do, the Hall is well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in the history of stately homes in Yorkshire. As ever, an excellent tea room is on hand!

Click here to visit the National Trust website for Nunnington Hall.

Image copyright Wehha. Creative Commons license.