Castle Howard,

Without doubt, Castle Howard is the most famous stately home in North Yorkshire and one of the best known in TV and Film making. If you’re a fan of period drama, you’re certain to have seen Castle Howard on your screen at some point. Both versions of Brideshead Revisited were filmed here together with other productions as diverse as Death Comes to Pemberley and even Garfield, with Billy Connolly.

The estate is vast, at over 10,000 acres and incorporates the spectacular house, still lived in by the Howard family, plus the majestic grounds and spectacular water fountains.

The ornamental water features were created by the 3rd Earl in 1720, while subsequent custodians have added to the network with the huge Atlas fountain at the centre of the south garden being visible from most of the house. The remarkable thing about the fountain is that they are simply powered by water pressure and gravity from the nearby lake, with no artificial assistance to create the display.

The estate is a wonderful place to visit all year round, with staff constantly creating fresh events and ideas for visitors. The Castle Howard website is a great resource to plan your trip there.